Foundation Caterpillars

The Caterpillar Section is led by: Stevie

Stevie started with us in July 2014 and holds an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years. Stevie has worked in all sections and has recently taken over the role as leader in our Caterpillar section, Stevie has participated in many courses to build up her knowledge for this role. 

Stevie is Supported By: Suzie

Susie holds an NVQ Level 3 in Child Development and has previously worked in our baby section. She has a wonderful nature with the children and they are drawn to her.

And Leyla:

Leyla started with us in 2017 and holds an NVQ Level 3. Leyla enjoys all parts of early years activities, especially reading stories. Leylas gentle, caring nature always shines through. 

And Courtney:

Courtney has been with us since 2017 and is Level 3 Qualified. Courtney works hard to help children achieve and enjoy their time at the kindergarten. Working with children gives her so much joy. 

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