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The Caterpillars

Children’s learning in the Caterpillars is a extension of the dragonflies, with an emphasis on developing a more structured environment in readiness to join the pre-school room in the Butterflies. Our knowledgeable team support children to learn and explore the environment by engaging in both free play and planned experiences, that closely follows the children’s interests and experiences.

Whether in the busy ‘small world area’ or the relaxing ‘cosy area’ children can build those all-important secure relationships by sharing a story with their key person or a game with their peers.

The children have fun getting creative in the messy room with cooking sessions and daily craft and sensory experiences.


Sarah Walford, Room Leader


NVQ Level 3 in Children and Young Peoples Workforce 

Year started: 2010


Arpana Tamang, Room Supervisor


NVQ Level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

Year started: 2021

RadnorR 2158.JPG

Stephen Hogben, Early Years Practitioner


NVQ Level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development.

Year started: 2006


Lucie Ellam, Apprentice


NVQ Level 2 for the Early Years Practitioner. Training towards NVQ Level 3

Year started: 2019


Renee Thake, Apprentice


Taining NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education.

Year started: 2023

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