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What's Cooking in our Kitchen

At Radnor Park Kindergarten our trained chef provides a wide variety of nutritious, balanced meals, which are cooked on site, incorporating any special dietary requirements, as well as favourite requests from children! They integrates different cultures into her menus and leans towards traditional ‘home style’ cooking.

  1. In line with our homely ethos, all staff eat with the children, developing a warm and social atmosphere.

  2. Children are encouraged to serve themselves and are regularly involved in the making of their food, for example; homemade pizza, bread and cheesy puffs for snack. As well as milk and water, a healthy snack is served during each session.

  3. Breakfast is served from 9am which consists of a range of fruit, cereals, croissants, toast, or scrambled egg and grilled tomatoes.

  4. Drinking water is always available.

Our last inspection by the Food Standards Agency rated us 5 (the highest rating for food and hygiene).

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